The Critical Fan Toolkit

Dissertation Materials

This portion of the CFT describes the meta-work of creating this project. The more expected dissertation writing can be found here.


The overall theoretical frameworks I employ and how these theories work together. These theoretical frameworks I use are critical fan studies, rhetorical genre studies, and feminism/anti-racism.

Literature Review

I review the literature, specifically as it pertains to this project's frameworks. I trace the history of fan studies, critical fan studies, and rhetorical genre studies. (coming soon)

Ethics and Commitments

I commit to feminist research praxis, specifically feminist ethics in regards to online research. I engage with scholars who try to ensure they benefit the communities we research.


I describe my methodologies — feminism and multiple-case studies — and process for data collection and analysis. I use qualitative and quantiative data and employ mixed methods. (more to come!)

Computational Essays

This series of computational essays show and document the Python coding used to transform, analyze, and visualize data. I invite others to use and follow my code.


I take time to acknowledge the collective labor that helped make the CFT possible. The acknowledgements are always the most fun part to write! (More coming soon)